We are excited to announce the addition of Eddy Current Testing to our suite of NDE Inspection Services to all our valued clients.


Eddy Current Testing uses electromagnetic induction to create an alternating current within the Eddy Current probe. This current then flows through a wire coil and creates a moving magnetic field.


When the Eddy Current probe and subsequent magnetic field are brought close to a conductive material, we can determine thickness of non-conductive coatings, detect changes in vessel thickness or defects within the material, and find corrosion within the test material. These results are found within the test due to interruptions or alterations to the amplitude and pattern of the magnetic field.


Common applications of this testing method include:


              <>  Eddy Current non-ferrous tubes for heat exchangers

              <>  RFT (Remote Field Testing) tubes for heat exchangers

              <>  Conductivity Testing

              <>  Surface Inspection

              <>  Corrosion Detection

              <>  Bolt Hole Inspection

              <>  Weld Inspections


After collaborating with our contractors to gain extensive experience in this NDE method and, acquiring our own in-house Eddy Current specialist, we are confident in providing the high-quality service, standards, and reporting that our clients can always expect from Streamline Inspection.


We look forward to continually enhancing our range of services for all current and future client’s ad continually ensuring that all our clients are receiving the best suited inspection to each specific need.


If you’d like to learn more about Eddy Current Testing or any of our other exceptional services please contact us at our head office in Calgary at 403-454-6630.


We look forward to working with you on your next NDE Inspection!