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Digital Thermography is one of the highly popular and well utilized ways to discover problems and defects. Digital Thermography has been used all over the world in multiple ways. It has been used as a Medical Imager all the way to Volcanology Testing. The Digital Thermography cameras are a must have for the use in Non-Destructive Testing as this allows us to see problems in a way no other technology can. We are able to inspect equipment faster than using other techniques, take accurate temperature measurements within one degree of the actual temperature, with the added benefit that we can do this from a safe distance eliminating the possibility of injury. We are able to notice impending trouble that could hurt you or your coworkers, prevent the shutdown of machines and conserve energy at the same time.

Abilities of Digital Thermography

  • We will have the ability to detect temperatures in the range of -50 degrees Celsius up to +2000 degrees Celsius
  • We are able to detect accurate temperatures with a +- rating of 1%
  • We have an IR Resolution of 640×480 using 307,000 pixels providing the best thermal image ever
  • We will have the ability to constantly auto focus, use of advanced optics, as well as an advanced touch screen which allows us to draw on the image showing points of interest
  • Along with all the above abilities our camera has a built in GPS and Bluetooth. This will give us the ability to track all locations of the pictures. As well as wirelessly transfer images taken to computers, tablets as well as cell phones for easy access and quick availability for our clients​​​

Applications Of Digital Thermography

    • Energy Loss
    • Electrical Breakers and Sub Panels
    • Electric Motors
    • Compressors
    • Pre Turn Around Tank Levels
    • Non Destructive Examination
    • Boiler Piping

Benefits Of Digital Thermography

  • With all the lens options we are now able to capture up close or far away photos, capturing larger areas, shortening work time and speeding up the process
  • Able to find deteriorating i.e. higher temperature components or areas before failure
  • Ability to measure and observe areas inaccessible or hazardous for us
  • Able to find defects in shafts, pipes, and other metal or plastic parts


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